Thursday, 30 October 2014

Best New Features in Android Lollipop

Google Android has been role out Android Lollipop, is a little different with previous versions. Luckily we got chance to get sit down with see coolest features in Android Lollipop, we are not sure that we have a final version. Anyway just go through with the some of the coolest features.

Ok Google: The first is the ability to say "Ok Google" even is your phone in stand by mode. Your phone will wake and start search and send text and more. 

Double tab to wake: You can wake your phone with double tab when is in standby mode. Like advanced "Ok Google" command, it requires compatible hardware. We also hear it works on Nexus 6.

Ambien Display: Another changes made over from the Moto X idea of displaying bits of information on your screen as it comes in without turning the whole thing on. 

Face unlock: Android's face unlock feature has never really worked all that well. It's kind of magical that it can recognize you face, but it's often slow and usually needs really good lighting conditions to work. In lollipop, Google has tweaked it so that it starts running silently as soon as you turn on your screen. Since you can interact with notifications on the lock screen now, the idea is that you'd power it on, mess with a few notifications, and by the time you're done Face Unlock has already kicked in and unlocked the phone.

Lock screen notifications: As with the iPhone, Android Lollipop will put notifications right on your lock scree. But on Android, the notifications on your screen are basically the same as those that appear in the drop-down notification shade. why does that matter? Because on Android, you get a lot of control built-in to those notifications. You can archive email, tab reply, expand notifications to see more information, and so on. Now, you can do it directly on your lock screen. As a small bonus, if you have apps with sensitive information that you want to see notifications from but don't want to display their contents, you can set them to be "redacted" when they show up on the lock scree.